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Using Online Marketing to Get Visitors & turn them into Customers

Is it the four P’s of marketing or five? Since we’re mostly new school, we say five. Position, Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Obviously we won’t be involved with developing your products, their prices or where you sell them. Unless you want to sell them online of course. No. We specialize in the first and the last. Position and Promotion. We help you position your company through solid branding and we’re mavens when it comes to promotions.

Since positioning is fairly new to the marketing scene and often forgotten when it comes to online marketing, a short explanation will help.
Position, in simplest terms, is how your business and products are perceived by your customers. Since positioning is based on perception, it ultimately takes place in your customers’ minds. It happens whether you do anything about it or not. Naturally, we want you to do something about it in order to manage how your customers perceive your company, products or services. When marketing is approached properly, it all begins with positioning. Branding is an expression of, and grows from your positioning. If you’ve already branded your company, we advance it through your website and promotions. If you haven’t, we’ll help you develop your brand and establish it in all aspects of your online presence.

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Promotion, that’s easy. Well, not really as easy as you may think. Not if you want it to be effective anyway. Good promotion involves so many different aspects and disciplines that when done right it looks just like magic. You’ve heard the jargon: target market, copy writing, unique selling proposition, media mix, online marketing and so forth…but what’s it all mean? Does it matter as long as it works for you? That’s why we’re here, to make it work for you. We have the knowledge and experience to make your online marketing campaigns successful. We crunch the numbers, determine an effective media mix and then go to town.

Wondering what kind of media mix is possible with online marketing? Interesting question, we’re glad you brought it up. The first option you probably considered is email campaigns. Excellent. Email marketing is at the core of online promotions; however, we’re the good guys. We only do permission or opt-in emails. Other options you may not have thought of include pay-per-click campaigns (PPC), video and companion marketing, loyalty programs and even offline marketing. You need a balance. Some work better for your business and some won’t work for you at all. Knowing which is which is our job and we love our job.

Online marketing is more specific than marketing in general, but it’s a lot more fun too. It’s more fun because it’s more challenging and that’s because it’s more difficult. But here’s the thing…we love a challenge. We enjoy finding ways to make you stand out from the millions of other search results. We feel good when we blow the curve on industry average open rates and click-throughs. We’re ecstatic when you succeed. The bottom line is that we connect you to your customers in such a way that both benefit.

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Stars "NJYP is the company that you want working for your small business. Jeana and her staff are absolutely fantastic – they always respond to me at a moment's notice, and their website ideas are creative and effective. NJYP created a brand new, gorgeous website for my small business and we are now at the top of every Google search. Since our new website went live, our monthly revenue has doubled!! I credit NJYP with our huge success. Thank you Jeana and staff at NJYP!!!"

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