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Does One Size Really Fit All? It Can With the Right Mobile Website Design.

Remember that bathrobe your aunt gave you last year? If a one-size bathrobe can’t fit all, how can anyone expect a website to fit everyone and everywhere? Think about it. All the different desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Each is different and distinct yet at some point your website will be viewed on all of them. Enter mobile website design. Until recently, mobile friendly websites were good enough. For some businesses, mobile friendly is still good enough. For most though, Responsive Design (RWD) is the way to go. Responsive is the new face of mobile website design. After all you don’t want to develop a mobile website for every device out there…or will be out there in the future. Responsive Design, by definition, responds to your viewers’ devices. The change in screen size, resolution, orientation and future devices are all taken into account by RWD. Better yet, for most small and medium sized businesses, a Responsive website eliminates the need for a mobile app and that saves a ton on money.
Are you thinking that none of this really matters to you? Hate to break it to you, it matters to everyone. Over half the population uses smartphones and over two thirds of them access the internet every day on their smartphones.* 94% of those people use them to look for local information and 84% of them take action based on what they find.* 77% have researched products and almost half of them have made purchases on their smartphones. 83% of these people won’t leave home without their smartphone and when they began their research for a product or service on smartphone, 40% of them purchased on a computer and 38% of them bought offline.* These very significant statistics show in which direction people are moving. Away from the desktop and towards mobile. Still thinking the mobile market and mobile website design don’t matter?

In case you wondering about the different aspects of mobile website design such as mobile friendly, mobile websites, mobile apps and Responsive Design, we’ll break it down for you:

  • • A mobile friendly website works fine on a mobile device. The issue is that viewers need to zoom and scroll. You’ve done it. You know what’s involved. Not a lot of fun.
  • • A mobile website means separate websites with separate URLs and separate price tags. Aside from the cost, the need for separate URLs is a pretty big issue. The search engines prefer one URL to cover everything so a different URL for a mobile website works against you from a SEO point of view.
  • • A mobile app is designed perfectly for a range of devices and let’s you take advantage of extended functionality of various devices. There are two basic problems with apps. The cost is the biggest one. Even more important…the average person only has 33 apps on their smartphone.* How does your company’s app compete for the limited space with the eBay® or Amazon® apps?
  • • Responsive Design is a cost effective solution that delivers a consistent user experience across all platforms. It reconfigures your site on the fly to keep it easy to read and navigate without the need to zoom and scroll for every little feature.

What it boils down to is that your website must be in line with the exponential growth of the mobile market. Our User Experience (UX) phenoms finesse mobile website design to serve up your site in a fast, intuitive and fun manner. The experience remains unchanged. Your message delivered. Your presence enhanced.
* Google. Our Mobile Planet: United States of America. Understanding the Mobile Consumer. May 2013

The future: already here and mobile.

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