Social Networking

Stay In Touch With Your Customers Through Social Media Marketing.

NJYP Social Networking

If I tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on and so on. Remember the commercial? Talk about old school. Social networking [Social] has taken that to the Nth degree. Now, it’s more like if I tell five hundred friends and they tell five hundred friends…that’s a quarter million people before we hit the first “and so on”. Talk about social media marketing power. Your ability to build social reach in short order is literally amazing. The reality of the situation is if you’re not using social networking sites as marketing vehicles, you’re missing the boat.
Traditional marketing has always been one-way communication. You talk, they listen. You tell people about your company, products and services and then they buy. You hope. Social Media Marketing changes the paradigm. When you’re social, you have conversations instead of giving presentations. The marketing is now two-way. The internet becomes your giant and continuous focus group. You get feedback. All kinds of feedback in real time. Your customers tell you directly what works and what doesn’t. You build real relationships because you’re no longer a faceless business, but instead a brand with an identity and personality.
We leverage that personality by giving your company a voice in the conversations. We enable you to engage your customers so they feel like part of the process. When they’re engaged, your customers are your best marketing vehicle. When they’re social, not only are they interacting with you, but also with everyone they know. They’re sharing their ideas and opinions. They influence the decisions of the people they know. They propagate word-of-mouth and because they’re trusted, their friends pay attention. That’s social media marketing in action!
Our process inter-connects social media marketing with all aspects of your online and offline marketing. Not only do we post your special offers and direct promotions, we address reputation management issues, general happenings and events, newsletters or new product and service releases. We help generate the interest in your company. It’s all about the buzz.
It’s Time to Socialize.